New hires for local authorities in Southern Italy. Webinar January 11th at 11am

To further spread the opportunity and stimulate new subscriptions from the Administrations of the territories interested in the notice of expression of interest in the recruitment plan for the management of cohesion policy interventions, the Programme Management Authority organized a webinar in program on January 11th at 11 am following the series of webinars already organized by ANCI as part of the support action envisaged by the #CapCoe project called Cap4City.

To participate you must fill out the online form available clicking here

For any requests for clarification on the contents of the Notice, you can write to within seven days before the closure of the platform.

The first release of the answers to the questions received (as of 6th December) is available on the website of the Dipartimento per le Politiche di coesione e per il Sud and on that of the Programma Nazionale Capacità per la Coesione.