New hires for local authorities in Southern Italy. Public notice for the Administrations of Southern Italy

The Presidency of the Council of Ministers – Department for Cohesion Policies has issued the public notice for the expression of interest by the regional administrations of Basilicata, Calabria, Campania, Molise, Puglia, Sardinia and Sicily, and the metropolitan cities, the provinces, unions of municipalities and municipalities located there for the hiring of 2.200 permanent officials for the management of cohesion policy interventions.

In particular, up to a maximum of 1.674 new hires will be allocated to Local Authorities (Municipalities and Unions of Municipalities), 250 to Regional Administrations, 135 to Provinces and 70 to Metropolitan Cities. Finally, 71 new hires will be allocated to strengthening the Department for Cohesion Policies and for the South.

The interested Administrations have until 12 a.m. on Tuesday 30th January 2024 to respond to the notice, using the dedicated Platform. The application for membership by an organization can be made by the Mayor, the legal representative or a person delegated by him.

The notice is the first act envisaged by the extraordinary hiring plan for local authorities in the South as part of the cohesion policy, one of the main actions of the National Capacity for Cohesion Programme 2021-2027, implemented on the basis of the provisions of the decree -law n. 124/2023 (Southern Legislative Decree) converted with amendments by Law 13th November 2023, n. 162, in the Official Journal no. 268 of 16th November 2023.

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Press release

Decreto n.607 del 21 novembre 2023 – Approvazione avviso di manifestazione di interesse

Avviso Pubblico per l’Acquisizione manifestazioni di interesse

Allegato 1 – Definizioni Avviso

Allegato 2 – Format Delibera Giunta Organo esecutivo Avviso (pdf)

Allegato 2 – Format Delibera Giunta Organo esecutivo Avviso (docx)

Piattaforma per la presentazione delle domande

For any requests for clarification on the contents of the Notice, you can write to within seven days before the closure of the platform.

he first release of the answers to the questions received (as of 6th December) is available on the website of the Dipartimento per le Politiche di coesione e per il Sud and on that of the Programma Nazionale Capacità per la Coesione.